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Fluid Flush Services

Every vehicle relies on fluids to lubricate parts, prevent overheating, and keep things in proper operation. In time, these fluids can become dirty and less effective, causing performance problems. During a fluid flush, a service provider removes and replaces old and contaminated fluid with new fluid using a special machine. This ensures almost all of the fluid is replaced during a flush service.

At Aspy Tire, we provide fluid flushes for motorists from Hoagland, IN, Fort Wayne, IN, Decatur, IN, and surrounding areas.

Types of Fluid Flushes

Below are popular types of fluid flushes we perform and why they're important:

    Brake Fluid Flush: Brake fluid transfers hydraulic force to the brake pads and shoes, so you can bring your vehicle to a stop. Over time, brake fluid may become contaminated. On older vehicles, it's also possible for moisture to enter the brake fluid. On modern vehicles, this isn't as much of a concern, but it doesn't mean the service is obsolete. Modern brake fluid contains an additive package that breaks down over time and may result in corrosion. A brake fluid flush replaces the old and less effective brake fluid with new fluid.

    Coolant Flush: Coolant plays an important role in your vehicle, transferring heat away from the engine to prevent overhearing. Because coolant is often made of half water and half glycol, it also prevents freezing. This allows your engine to operate in extreme temperatures at either spectrum. Over time and from regular driving, coolant becomes dirty. During a coolant or radiator flush, the old fluid and any deposits within it are removed and replaced with fresh, clean fluid. This continues to keep everything lubricated ensures the transfer of heat continues as intended.

    Power Steering Flush: The power steering system assists you whenever you turn your wheels, overcoming resistance from the road that would make driving more difficult. Within this system, power steering fluid plays an integral role. Like other automotive fluids, power steering fluid isn't invincible. It can degrade with age, become contaminated, or leak. When there's a problem with your power steering fluid, it'll become harder to steer your vehicle. A power steering flush can restore performance.

    Transmission Fluid Flush: Your transmission fluid acts as a lubricant and prevents overheating, so the transmission can continue to transfer power effectively between the engine and the wheels. Over time and from regular driving, transmission fluid deteriorates. In addition, metal shavings may flake from parts and cause the fluid to become less effective. A transmission fluid flush changes close to all of the transmission fluid in your vehicle. This is not to be confused with a transmission fluid exchange, which replaces up to half the fluid but leaves a good portion remaining. A flush can allow for more optimal performance since you're running with completely new fluid.

If you need a fluid flush, see the team at Aspy Tire. Call (260) 639-3411 ‎ or contact us online if you have any questions.

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